Every year as long as the funds are available ,Artspace of New Haven  and others put together an Art exhibit through the enter city of New Haven ct and now beyond our border we starting to gather as a state ,a force to be reckoned with ,an example of how art can bring life to a city and cause its residents to dream  as they have opportunities to share the talent within  themselves..Involve New Haven ct ,it gave me the opportunity to blossom into the photographer I am now becoming,there are so many opportunities in our great city ,for every person to discover themselves and make new and lasting friendships.This year I believe is the largest group of Artist we have ever had in Cuty Wide Open Studio, ,Congratulations to all the Artists who participated in this years blockbuster show throughou

FREE 2 SPIT one of the East-Coast's Hottest Open Mic Venues.

Will be celebrating its 15 year Anniversary.

9 Dates · Oct 24 - Nov 10

Pass Over

Collective Consciousness Theatre


Moses and Kitch stand around on the corner — talking shit, passing the time, and hoping that maybe today will be different. As they dream of their promised land, a stranger wanders into their space with his own agenda and derails their plans.

Connecticut Commuter Rail Council

Government Organization

The Connecticut Commuter Rail Council is an independent board that acts as an advocate for commuters on railroad lines throughout the State of Connecticut

Come get "Lost in New Haven" history with local artist and collector Robert S. Greenberg. View an ever expanding collection of New Haven's illustrious past with authentic artifacts and stories. Lost in New Haven is an art installation, reminiscent of early “Cabinets of Curiosities” that is located in the city's first bus depot, a 1920s structure built during the last days of the trolley system.

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On September 15th 2019 , Site Projects|New Haven celebrated its anniversary with Celebrate the Sound!, held at the Canal Dock Boathouse On Long Warf .